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About The Grasmere

Grasmere, in England is the birth place of the great English Poet William Wordsworth who lived from 1770 to 1850. In fact Wordsworth is known as the poet of Nature. We named our Resort “The Grasmere” because of our love to nature. The Grasmere Vagamon is a place for the nature lovers who love, live and care for nature. The panoramic view of enchanting mountains, green meadows, flora and fauna of this place will give you a kind of rebirth and vitality.

“The loveliest spot that man hath ever found.”

  • Parunthumpara

    Parunthumpara is a small village, located between Peermade and Thekkady. The word 'parunth' in the local language means Eagle and 'para' means rock. It is called Parunthumpara or eagle rock because of a large area around like an eagle. This area provides a bird's eye view of an endless stretch of green forest land and low-lying areas.

    Illikkal kallu

    Illikal Kallu is a major tourist attraction spot in Moonnilavu Village,Meenachil taluk, Kottayam district of Kerala (India). Situated about 4000 feet above sea level, it is also one of the highest peak in the Western ghats. Illikal Kallu is a rock situated above Illikal Mala. The thing that makes this rock unique is that half of the rock has fallen off, and only the other half remains.


    Thangal Para is a pilgrimage destination for Muslims becuase of the resting place (Dargah) of Sufi saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba. It also boasts of offering some amazing views as it is surrounded by lush grasslands and meadows. If you are a trekking enthusiast, you can climb up to the rock, an uphill task. There is also an ancient cave near Thangal Para, which is worth visiting that involves little trekking.

  • Vagamon lake

    Vagamon Lake and Boating. Vagamon lake. The lake is the perfect companion for its silent and small town. Though not a big one as in Munnar or Kodaikanal, this lake is an ideal place to shed some calories and not feel exhausted at all.

    Vagamon Meadows

    The velvet green meadows of Vagamon are a treat for the eyes. The cool breeze will take away your worries and leave you with a sense of inner peace and calm. The meadows of Vagamon are perfect for picnics.


    A popular Christian pilgrimage, it is flocked by followers specially during the Good Friday week. Its followers come from various part of the country to climb up the hills with wooden crosses. Kurisumala is one of the most popular tourist spots in Vagamon.

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